Practical Managerial Skills for Supervisors & 1st-line Managers (1 Day Workshop)

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Improve your efficiency as manager through the use of a number of practical, step-by-step management tools and techniques that can be understood and executed by anyone.

During the workshop you will learn practical techniques that will help you to be more efficient and results-driven as a manager:

o Managing time - understand the most efficient way to use your time, how to set short- and long-term goals to prioritise your workload, and how to avoid interruptions and save time in your interaction with others.

o Effective business communication - improve your communication skills at work, listen effectively, be sensitive to body language, and develop and use convincing arguments in written communications and presentations.
Productive meetings - plan, prepare, conduct and control productive and successful meetings.

o Effective decisions - structured decision making technique that involves defining and analysing the problem, generating and evaluating options and implementing the best solution.

o Delegating with results - basic steps that will enable you to effectively delegate tasks of any complexity without losing control or compromising on quality.

o Professional presentations - prepare and present information to an audience in a confident and professional manner, overcoming tension and dealing with questions and interruptions from the audience.

o Being in control from the 1st day - steps and techniques that will help you to effectively gain and remain in control of your team.


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