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Please note that the certification track for all the Adboe courses run over a period of 5 days per course.The course will cover the International exam which can be written at our Testing Center in Cape Town. The 2 day course is only availble within a graphics design course. All course fees exclude exam fees.

* Dreamweaver CS3 Basics; * Dreamweaver CS3 Advanced;

* Dreamweaver CS4 Basics; * Dreamweaver CS4 Advanced;

* Dreamweaver CS5 Basics; * Dreamweaver CS5 Advanced;

* Flash CS3 Basics; * Flash CS3 Advanced;

* Flash CS4 Basics; * Flash CS4 Advanced;

* Flash CS5 Basics; * Flash CS5 Advanced;

* Illustrator CS3 Basics; * Illustrator CS3 Advanced;

* Illustrator CS4 Basics; * Illustrator CS4 Advanced;

* Illustrator CS5 Basics; * Illustrator CS5 Advanced;

* InDesign CS3 Basics; * InDesign CS3 Advanced;

* InDesign CS4 Basics; * InDesign CS4 Advanced;

* InDesign CS5 Basics; * InDesign CS5 Advanced;

* Photoshop CS3 Basics; * Photoshop CS3 Advanced;

* Photoshop CS4 Basics; * Photoshop CS4 Advanced;

* Photoshop CS5 Basics; * Photoshop CS5 Advanced;

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5 Days per course


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