Advanced Iridology (Level 3)

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Advanced Iridology (Level 3)

After completion of this study unit the learner should be able to-
• Interpret different basic sclera signs
• Understand and explain different pupil signs
• Identify mineral deficiencies in the iris
• Confirm iris signs through bio-feedback techniques (biores machine)
• Apply iridology and the use of herbs, vitamins and minerals
• Integrate iridology and resonance therapy (rife)
• Understand iridology and different detoxification methods

Duration of Course: 10 Sessions which includes the following subjects:

1. Iridology Theory: Sclera signs and pupil tonus
2. Iridology Theory: Mineral deficiencies and introduction to bio-feedback
3. Theory: Iridology and Bio-feedback (Biores)
4. Theory: Iridology and Vitamins, minerals
5. Theory: Iridology and Herbs
6. Theory: Iridology and Resonance Therapy (Rife Medic)
7. Case Studies (50) to be undertaken by learner
8. Discussion of case studies
9. Theoretical examination (close book)
10. Practical examination


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