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As a Project Manager involved with construction and engineering projects you are tasked with major decision-making on a daily basis, monitoring of quality and leading your team towards the final end goal, a successfully completed project. MS Project is more than just a software package to manage the schedule of a project but it is a highly effective tool to monitor, control and report your projects progress and if used effectively it can be so much more than this!
If you think about it – you are hectically busy and there are a multitude of daily demands that you face in the workplace so you probably don’'t have the time to ever truly get to grips with all the ins and outs of MS Project. This means that you are probably only tapping into a fraction of its functionality.
But more importantly that you could be missing out on some of its most useful efficiency-boosting, time-saving features and functions that could make your job and your project scheduling a whole lot easier. So, this 2-day training course had been researched and developed to go beyond simply a mere demonstration of the features and functions to cover in detail MS Project'’s practical application in a real-world construction and engineering environment. What you learn during this course will be invaluable as it is geared exactly to your unique needs and will show you how to truly unlock the full potential of MS Project!


15 & 16 March 2018


2 days





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