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"Over many years of creating marketing plans and communications materials for businesses of every shape and size, it has become clear to me that entrepreneurs, business owners and (believe it or not) marketing professionals, all have one, common, critical marketing need: the need for a tailor-made marketing strategy designed to produce measurable responses that result in sales for their particular business.

That's why I created a comprehensive and affordable "crash course" that will not only teach you how to create marketing messages guaranteed to get the phone ringing and bodies through the door ... but that provides the process you need to engage in to develop a workable marketing strategy for your business."
— Therésa Müller, CEO, ZA Group (Pty) Ltd

Join one of the practicing professionals at ZA Group in this fast-paced, highly interactive, one-day workshop, and find out ...

How to create advertising GUARANTEED to generate business for your business ... no matter what line of business you’re in.

You will:
•Learn how to get your message to a particular target audience in a way that will make them sit up, pay attention and take action — regardless of whether the medium carrying the message is a corrugated board on the side of the road, direct mail letters or television advertising.
•Learn how to identify your most lucrative target audience ...
•Gain an intimate understanding of why your audience would want what you have to offer ... along with an ability to persuade them to take action towards acquiring it ...
•Find out what makes the difference between advertising that pays for itself ... and advertising that does little more than drain your financial resources ...
•Get the tools you need to create — or direct the creation of — highly effective advertising, guaranteed to generate business ...
•Find out where to place your advertising for maximum impact and results ...
•Learn how to test if your advertising is working ...
And you will network with and learn from other business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals from small, medium and large enterprises.


Advertising Workshop dates for 2011
Public workshops, Gauteng. Venue to be confirmed. Make a request for another region if you can get together a minimum of 10 fully paying delegates.

•09 December 2010
•27 January 2011
•24 February 2011
•24 March 2011
•21 April 2011
•26 May 2011
•23 June 2011
•21 July 2011
•25 August 2011
•29 September 2011
•27 October 2011
•24 November 2011
•08 December 2011

This is a drop in the ocean compared to what you’re going to waste on ineffective marketing if you don’t find out how to do it properly. Can you afford not to attend?


1 Day


* Cost of Workshop Includes VAT.
* Contact our office for more information on the Workshop Content.
* Any of our workshops can be tailored to your specific requirements — as in-house group training or as one-on-one coaching.

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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.


89 Cambridge Road, Bryanston.

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