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Our Anti-Poaching Course is based upon extensive direct counter-poaching experience and provides a theoretical and detailed background to the prevention of poaching, theft and mutilation of game animals from a game reserve perspective. We explore what Poaching and Anti-Poaching are and the 3 Levels of Poaching. We discuss the Anti-Poaching Unit, how to set one up and the two main options to counter poaching: Active & Passive Prevention. Examine Poaching methods and the Economics of Poaching, Anti-Poaching equipment and the various Anti-Poaching Action Plans together with the Legalities of Anti-Poaching. If you are a reserve owner, conservancy, wildlife or game farm manager; game ranger, game guide, game guard, trails guide or field guide or merely have an interest in this field this course is an excellent and most economical guide for you, available for R 1,500.00


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Distance learning Course

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