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Employers who do not know how to apply the Basic Conditions of Employment Act can be exposed either to penalties from the Department of Labour and/or employee mass action. It is therefore imperative that all employers and HR practitioners are able to demonstrate an understanding of the principles and provisions of the Act.

This course will enable learners to:

• Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose and application of the BCEA.
• Explain the regulation of working time and leave as set out in the BCEA.
• List the particulars of employment, remuneration and termination of employment as set out in the BCEA.
• Apply an understanding of the monitoring, enforcement and legal proceedings as set out in the BCEA.

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Training Courses: We offer all our training programmes at the clients premises or any other agreed venue. The training can be provided on a national basis and is usually presented when 8 or more employees require the same training. This saves the client travel, accommodation costs and expense allowances. The in-house training is customised to suit the needs of the client in respect of the content and the duration of the course and is done in line with LabourNet's vision of affordability. The number of trainees are restricted to ensure a high degree of practice and participation. Feedback reports can be submitted on request to assess the development and understanding of each delegate during the training. Costing is variable on the number of delegates per session , and the number of sessions booked. LabourNet IR Retainer Clients Qualify for a discounted rate.

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