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You hire people for their skills but fire them for their attitude – how to spot and retain positive employees.

Lou Holtz said it best when he said: “Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” The Attitude is Everything course deals with understanding the causes of a negative attitude, how to overcome this and will explain why a positive attitude has an impact on success. It will highlight the potential warning signs and give practical advice on how to improve your own attitude, and also how to manage the attitudes of people you work and interact with.
Who should attend?

Managing Directors
Executive Directors
Middle Managers
HR Practitioners
Recruitment Specialists
Team Leaders

Course Outline:

Introduction: The impact of a negative attitude and causes of attitude problems
Overcoming the Most Common Attitude Problems
Understanding if you have a toxic workplace
How do you know a workplace is toxic?
Signs of a toxic workplace
Why should employers bother with this stuff?
Where can we make a start?
How to solve an attitude problem

Prevent Attitude Problems Proactively
Recognise the early signs of attitude or burn out problems
Create an Attitude Tune-Up Plan
Dealing with personal problems brought to work
Top Ten Reasons People Resist Change
How to spot potential attitude warning signs in the interview process
Behavioural Interview Questions that reveal Motivation and Attitude in the Hiring Interview
Understanding the power of motivation
Tools and Tips on matching company culture and values to individual expectations to avoid a culture mismatch
Hiring and Keeping the Right People (including a Case Study)
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