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Course Description

The purpose of the Bachelor of Complementary Training Program is to provide complementary medicine practioners with
an advanced level of knowledge, understanding and skills in Complementary Medicines. Phytotherapy is the study of the
use of extracts from natural origin as medicines or health-promoting agents. Traditional Phytotherapy is a synonym for
Herbalism and regarded as alternative medicine by much of Western Medicine. The course materials are extensive and
detailed, yet user friendly and solution focused. Beginning with the basics and progressing into more advanced levels you
learning more complicated and/or difficult issues. Qualified Tutors and Mentors are available on a daily basis and assist
students with their study programs, time management, study skills, motivation techniques, and other areas that are
important to academic success.



Students work at their own pace and there are no deadlines except those set by themselves. An estimate is that it is
possible to complete 10 study units (30 credit points) in 1 year.


The program is offered through the distance learning system. The medium of distance education has achieved worldwide
recognition as a most effective means of learning. Some of the benefits are that students can study at their own pace in
the privacy of their home and in their own time so that they can still earn from their job; no travel to and from classes –
saving them time and money.

Students successfully completing the course will be able to:
1. Describe the role of a Complementary Medicine Practioner and what they do.
2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Complementary Medicines skills.
3. Apply practical skills in Complementary Medicine situations.
4. Be skilled and knowledgeable in Complementary Medicine.


Each of the courses has identified textbooks (Combination of Study Modules in PDF and eTextbooks format) which will be
provided on a CD-Rom or Flash Disk. Students will be able to pass the courses by concentrating on the study material
which will increase their confidence in applying counselling skills and by completing the assignments which form an
integral part of the course content. This enables students to monitor their own progress as well as receiving feedback on
their assignments. They can then progress steadily and confidently to successful completion. The most important element
of the assignments is that it should enhance the students learning.


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