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Basic Food Hygiene Workshop / Course for Food Handlers
(1) Food Borne Diseases: common diseases that can be transmitted through foods; what action to take when you or other staff are sick.
(2) Food poisoning and its effects, statistics, control measures, how to prevent food poisoning.
(3) Shelf life of foods and storage : Proper food storage and handling, provides the importance of food storage to prevent contamination and spoiling of food products.
(4) Food Handling: how to properly prepare, and serve foods to prevent contamination and ensure food quality; how to properly dispose foods.
(5) Food Contamination / Cross contamination : Preventative measures against food contamination

• Biological Contamination
• Chemical Contamination
• Physical Contamination
• Process Contamination (additives/preservatives)

(6) Legal Obligations and duties : summarizes laws, ordinances, and legalities with regards to food sanitation and hygiene.
(7) Hygiene : Personal Hygiene, Environmental Hygiene, Hygienic design and housekeeping.
(8) Temperature control : Refrigeration, chilling and cold holding; Cooking, hot holding and reheating; the role of temperature in the control of microorganisms;
(9) Pest Control
(10) Cleaning and disinfection : Cleaning VS Disinfection: Differentiates between cleaning and disinfecting, along with its practical applications
(11) Food Safety Plan, basic monitoring and record keeping, Food safety management system, what would happen if we did not apply preventative food safety practices.
(12) Food premises and equipment : Contamination of food and surfaces
(13) Food safety hazards
(14) Proffesional appearance and hygiene and Uniforms and hygiene


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1 day 8h30-16h-00


Presented by a qualified Food Technologist this is an essential hands on course for anyone dealing with the sale and preparation of food in canteens, restaurants and clubs.
We prefer to do this as in-house on your premises so as to set systems and guidelines in your workplace. minimum of 5 delegates needed.


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