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How to Positively Influence Your Stakeholders

The goal for a board of directors focuses on ensuring the stability of your organisation and you need to maintain specific requirements and standards for the participation of the board. Serving on a board requires dealing with diverse personalities and possible conflicts as a result, but taking certain steps should ease tensions and lead to increased productivity. Taking action and knowing how to effectively manage a board of directors can improve your organisation. This two-day course will focus on how to deal effectively with board members and other important stakeholders in your organisation

Anyone who’s been approached to join a board recently could easily see the opportunity as more curse than blessing. But the truth is, directorships remain a vital function of business, and those who are successful at it are in great demand. Whether you’re under consideration for a board seat or just want a look inside the changing corporate boardroom, come to this workshop to learn what it means to be a director today — and what it takes to succeed in turbulent times.

Who should attend?

>Managing Directors
>Executive Directors
>Executive level managers

Workshop Outline:

>Understand how the boardroom has changed
>Understand the pressures facing board members in the current economic and political climate
>How does the board work?
>What can I expect from the board?
>What is expected of me?
>How can I prepare for a directorship?
>What not to do at board level or at board meetings
>How can I empower my board?
>How to get the easy stuff out of the way.
>How to manage your board for maximum productivity
>What to say and when to say it
>Observe the 10/20/30 rule.
>Don't surprise your board.
>Pre-sell as much as you can.
>Present solutions, not questions.
>How to plan, prepare and execute effective board meetings
>Responsibilities of a company’s board of directors
>Rules of conduct for a company’s board of director
>Understanding and implementing corporate governance
>Board room behaviour and best practices
>How to make an impactful presentation to your board
>How to negotiate successfully with your board


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