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In the domain of increasing competition and focus on corporate earnings, project managers are held accountable not just for achieving technical and schedule goals, but also for meeting profitability and other financial goals.

This course explores the financial metrics that are commonly used and examines the not-so-obvious financial impact of typical operating decisions and actions. Building on competencies developed in the core management curriculum, you’ll examine the inner mechanics of how finance and accounting can impact your project.

5 reasons why you should attend this intensive training course:

-Compare costs versus revenue categories to gain clarity on this financial fundamental
-Interpret historical data, what it includes and how relevant it is to the finance aspect of your project
-Analyse various costing methods such as fixed costs, variable costs and semi-variable costs and know where they fit into your project
-Have a clear profit objective for your project by focusing on the market structure, follow-on business and risk factors
-Deal with accounts receivable and uncollectible’s by gaining solid measures and factors to aid your project


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