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Course Aim: Today, business demands more than keeping your nose to the grindstone and your ear to the ground.

You will need business savvy, social skills and an understanding of the finer points of etiquette in higher circles if you want to establish yourself in a credible manner in serious business environments or as you rise through the ranks of an organisation.

People remember and a faux pas at the wrong time can damage your career.

Please note: this is not the run-of-the-mill business etiquette course that assists entry level staff with how to answer a telephone or how to construct an e-mail. It includes the intricacies of banquet dining and silver service, wine and beverage etiquette, the correct way of introducing senior people and the behaviour required (as well as that frowned on) by dignitaries and those in important positions.

This one day intervention aims to enhance and polish an employees’ business image – and therefore an organisation’s image. It will allow the employee to develop etiquette skill, sophistication and confidence. It aims to provide an understanding of good business etiquette, which will enable employees to interact with and perform in a professional manner in most business situations when interacting with business people from all levels within an organisation – including CEOs, Ministers and other dignitaries.

Outcomes: At the end of the course delegates will understand/will know how to...

* Meeting and greeting.
* Dress.
* Wining and dining.
* Special events.
* Taboos and generalities of business etiquette and social skills.
* Communication for special occasions.
* Dignitaries and foreigners.

Who should attend? Newly appointed managers
Managers who have not had the opportunity of receiving formal etiquette training.

Employees who interact with important business people or government contacts on a regular basis

Employees who are targeted for development and grooming into more senior positions

Employees involved with public relations, formal entertaining and guest liaison

Employees who regularly represent an organisation – whether on the golf course, at banquets or when travelling overseas.

All those who may be in a position in which they sometimes feel at a loss in terms of how to behave in certain business situations, including social business situations.


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