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Course Description

Learn more about Business Letter writing and enhance your career prospects in the South African work place.

Many people just like you have learned to write at the WriteSmarter Writing School since its inception in 2011. You can become one of them too.

In this module you will …
• Get to understand formal letter writing and format.
• Study different typical business letters.
• Complete exercises relevant to the content of the module.
• Complete tasks for submission and feedback.

- create an excellent first impression.
- get the intended meaning across first time.
- reduce misunderstandings.
- enhance your marketability.

In short, business writing skills lead to a congenial workplace as well as better employment opportunities, promotions and successes for you.

Attention to grammar and sentence structure is an intrinsic part of the feedback.
As a result of the comprehensive feedback we only accept a limited number of new students every month.

A key area of our teaching method is the use of examples, assignments and solutions to business scenarios relating to the South African work environment.

The course is designed to develop your skills set step by step from concepts to final drafts. It is conducted by e-mail, meaning that you are free to start at any time and work at your own pace.

Comprehensive feedback is provided using track changes and comment/review blocks directly in your assignment with respect to every aspect of your writing. This detailed, personalized feedback is unique to WriteSmarter.

WriteSmarter offers you:
- the best business writing course.
- affordable payment options.
- feedback by a professional within seven days.
- a money back guarantee.

Based on our market research we designed our course material to also be accessible to anybody with basic English language skills. Students who finish the course receive a Certificate of Completion.
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The course is offered all year round.
As the entire course is by email you can do it whenever - and wherever suits you - even on holiday.
There are no classes to attend - all you need is a computer, an email address and access to the internet.


The course takes approximately one month to complete working 3 to 4 hours per week.


Students who finish the course receive a Certificate of Completion.


Worldwide internet accessible


As it is internet based there are no classes to attend and you work on the course wherever - and whenever you want to.

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