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Course Description

This course covers the various labour laws and will focus specifically on issues like industrial action, disciplinary measures, policies and procedures, negotiation skills inter alia, with special attention on conflict management and a thorough analysis of the Basic Conditions of Employment Equity Act and Labour Relations Act respectively.

It is also very popular as a customised in-house course for first line-management and shop stewards. This is a unit standard aligned course.




4 day workshop


Course Content:

SA' Labour Market and Trade Unions in South Africa
Rights and Obligations
The Constitution

The Labour Relations Act:
Collective Bargaining and Collective Agreements
Strikes and Lock-outs
Dispute Resolution
Dismissal - Unfair Labour Practice

Skills Development Act:
What is the NSA?
Skills Programmes

Employment Equity Act:
Prohibition of Unfair Discrimination
Affirmative Action
Commission for Employment Equity
Monitoring, Enforcement and Legal Proceedings
Protection of Employee Rights

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act:
A comprehensive analysis of the BCEA including:

Purpose and Application
Regulation of Working Time
Leave Provisions
Particulars of Employment and Remuneration
Termination of Employment
Sectoral Determinations
Monitoring, Enforcement and Legal Proceedings
Codes of Good Practice

Further Emphasis on Employment Equity:

Establishment of a committee
The role and function of an EE Committee
Example of an EE Plan
EE Reporting

Handling Absenteeism


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