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Career & Life Coach (DiPC, COMENSA | Career Management Academy), Training & Development Facilitator (BA Hons Psychology)

Mariaan holds the transformation & equipping of people in very high regard, and is the drive of her way of working. She celebrates and desire to see people equipped and established in their potential and purpose as the person they are created to be (congruent in their body, soul & spirit).

• Career Coach
• Personal Coach
• Training & Development Facilitator
Career Coach

The Vision:
Helping you unlock your potential, passion & purpose, through facilitating the growth in self–awareness, self-acceptance, and self-management.
“I believe in the potential of each person, and want to enable them to free themselves of internal constraint and external control.”

Simplified for you:
Imagine eliminating the stress of finding the perfect career. Imagine having clarity about what you might enjoy doing and being when you leave high school, tertiary education, or your current career. Whether you’re choosing senior subjects, deciding on university or college preferences, or changing your career, Mariaan will guide you to follow your passion and strengths.
How it works:
By means of a dynamic coaching process, including various tools to be skillfully used, the clients’ understanding of their personality, interests, skills, calling and values are brought about, by which they receive the opportunity to grow, to discover who they are, and to clarify their best suited career or purpose.

Rather than a once-off questionnaire (that’s because the interest is you!), the first step is learning more about who you are, that is your strengths, your passions and your preferences.
The second step is to explore your career opportunities and interests.
And the third step is to identify the most suited courses/career for you to consider according to your learning style and purpose.

The coaching process consists of face-to-face sessions and online learning tools.
Together with Strong Foundation, our combination of industry experience and career expertise, you will walk away feeling more at ease and confident that you are heading in the right direction.

• Subject / Study choices
• Career choices & change
• Work readiness
• Coaching towards development, potential & purpose

Personal Coach
To Mariaan, Coaching is “The art of facilitating the performance, development and learning of another person. It is about equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to develop themselves and become more effective.”

The model that will be used will look after the whole person and will work within the client’s core values to drive to what their main objectives for the coaching would be. This facilitates how to move from point A to point B optimally, utilising their strengths.

Once the shift has been identified, significant insight is gained from feedback and assessment tools as to what aspects needs attention. Together a plan is designed to bridge the GAP and tackle the blind-spots that is breaking speed or draining energy.

Based on a co-active one-on-one personalised approach, she acts as coach, sounding board, and personal skills trainer. What will make this meaningful is that the work on the key aspects is measurable (for ROI). This is made practical by doing relevant assessments to the need of the client, in order to bring about awareness and insight in how to bridge the GAP from A to B.

Training & Development Facilitator
She assesses her client’s needs and tailor-make a programme that addresses the specific needs and development areas of the client. She then facilitates the programme which meets the requirements of the client through carefully designed exercises and learning material.
Resulting in the delegates being equipped with raised awareness and options to effectively address their own needs and then practice solutions that were realised.

She specialises in the facilitation of:
• Conflict Management (Difficult Conversations)
• Time Management (Personal Productivity)
• Client Service Excellence
• Stress Management
• Boundaries
• Emotional Intelligence
• Lumina Learning Portrait: Self awareness and personality understanding
• NBI® Brain Profile: Understanding your thinking preference and those of others
Accreditations & Membership:
• Practitioner Coach: COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of SA)
• Career Coach (Career Management Academy)
• Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI®) Practitioner (Solutions Finding)
• Lumina Learning Facilitator: Self awareness and personality understanding
• SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) Facilitator: Self Awareness, relationship and conflict management
• Accredited Training provider: Services Seta

Academic qualifications:
• Diploma in Practitioner Coaching | Strong Foundation Academy of Coaching
• Career Coaching Master Programme | Career Management Academy
• Certificate in Practitioner Coaching | Strong Foundation Academy of Coaching
• BA Hons Psychology | University of Stellenbosch
• BA Social Dynamics (Psychology, Sociology & Economics) | University of Stellenbosch




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