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Course Description

Do you want to facilitate the development of others?
Have you considered a career in professional Coaching?
Are you looking to enhance your skills set as effective leader or in any one of the helping professions?

The Purpose:
Our Certificate in Coaching will have as its aim, the preparation and self-coaching principles the coach needs in order to work strongly within themselves and turn up authentically and more aware in a coaching conversation with clients. The program will provide delegates with principled and effective coaching skills that will equip them with the experiential know-how as they learn to utilize a coaching style within their areas of expertise. It will also prepare them to elevate their coaching career, with the option of entry into the Diploma in Coaching.
The programme aims to build learning on foundational and core coaching components.

Entry requirements:
- Completion of an application form
- Senior Certificate
- Ability to understand and communicate in English
- Desire for self-awareness and personal development

1. Building a foundation for coaching
An introductory session aimed at equipping delegates with an understanding of what coaching is and is not. It will also equip delegates to utilize coaching models in a coaching conversation.

2. Fundamentals for coaching
Exploring the fundamentals to guide Value-based Coaching. Learning from influential role models.

3. Self awareness in coaching
Understanding oneself, own strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and preferences allows better understanding, adapting and connecting to others. Understand what being an emotionally intelligent coach means.

4. Self management
Understanding that we have the choice of self management. Feedback from others is incorporated in setting practices for accountable self management.

5. Coaching towards EQ
Understanding the content of emotional intelligence in order to coach towards EQ.

6. Coaching towards congruence
Finding congruence. Understanding congruence. Coaching towards congruence of spirit, soul, body, behaviours, thinking and feelings.

7. Coaching toolbox and skills
A more comprehensive understanding of the skills required for coaching and understanding how to be flexible in utilizing these skills. Practical tools for effective coaching are elaborated on.

8. Coaching ethics, standards and supervision
A strong foundation is established for ethical practice and principles within the field of coaching. Benefits of supervision and continued professional development are discussed.


Start February of each year!


Duration: 10 months


Please contact Mariaan for more information on the course content, training schedule, cost and bookings.

At Strong Foundation, we believe actions are directly influenced by thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions are intertwined – what you think is what you feel. By practising self-control, making healthy decisions and taking responsibility for your actions, every individual is capable of success!


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