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Change Management Training

Change is fundamental to the growth and development of an organisation. Success, however defined, depends largely on good management of this change.

What is Change Management?

The overall success of any initiative that induces change primarily depends on addressing people-related issues, regardless of the technical proficiency of the solution. The way in which individuals react to change of any nature often has a detrimental effect on their performance, with the associated knock-on effect on the performance of the organisation. The greatest challenge of change management is therefore in addressing resistance and aligning staff perceptions to the new reality, thus creating an organisation that is willing to accept ownership and responsibility for sustaining the change.

Siyandza Change Management Training

Siyandza Change Management Training provides individuals with a set of interventions to avoid known pitfalls during periods of change, as well as awareness of sensitive organisational issues outside the focus of an implementation plan. The methodology focuses on management of the natural human reaction to change, aiming to speed up the individual change response, shortening the time from immobilisation to acceptance of the change. This includes management of the impact of the change on the people in the organisation and strengthening the commitment of key players to the process. This Change Management Training offers delegates the tools needed to maximise individual performance in a systematic way, thereby ensuring the organisation’s change objectives are achieved.

Who Should Attend the Siyandza Change Management Training?

Executive, operations, or personnel management
Team leaders
HR practitioners
Change practitioners
Project managers
In-house consultants

Change Management Training Outcomes

Siyandza Change Management training offers organisations the following key benefits and by the end of this training the attendees will:
Understand change management theory
Learn to recognise and manage fear and resistance to change
Transform change antagonists into change champions
Reduce resistance and build resilience in their team
Apply practical change management tools
Integrate the change management methodology into a project
Avoid common traps and pitfalls in the management of any change, large or small
Discover useful tips and tricks for managing a change process

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Siyandza Skills Development offers both customised training programs and training services to organisations, as well as public training courses for individual learners. Click on our Public Courses Schedule to view courses available to the public. All of our training is outcomes based and, where possible, is aligned to Unit Standards.

Siyandza Skills Development is a SETA accredited, full service call centre and middle management training provider, committed to delivering outcomes-based training solutions which are tailored to our clients' specific requirements. Siyandza offers both customised training programs and training services to organisations, as well as public training courses for individual learners.

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