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Course Description

The Christian Counselling Programmes are intended for learners who want to learn and practice a range of counselling courses, either as Christian Counsellor or persons who need to broaden their knowledge and wish to learn how to apply Christian Counselling. The flexibility of the courses makes it possible to learn a single new counselling skill or build up credits to apply for a formal qualification.

Entry Requirements
The entry requirements are matric (Grade 12).

Commencement of Studies
Studies may be commenced at any time during the year.

Course Material
The courses are developed on the self study unit system (Combination of Study Modules & PDF eBooks) which will be provided on a CD-Rom or Flash Disk. The learner will be able to pass the courses by concentrating on the study material which will increase his/her confidence in applying ministry skills and by completing the assignments which form an integral part of the course content. This enables the learner to monitor their own progress as well as receiving feedback on their assignments. They can then progress steadily and confidently to successful completion. The most important element of the assignments is that it should enhance the learner’s learning.

Language Medium
The language of the study material and assignments is English.

Time Planning
Learners work at their own pace and there are no deadlines except those set by themselves. An estimate is that it is possible to complete 10 study units (30 credit points) in 1 year.

Qualification Awards
Certificate of Competency: A certificate of competency will be awarded on successful completion of a single study unit or section.
Certificate of Christian Counselling: Completion of 5 Study Units = 15 Credits
Diploma of Christian Counselling: Completion of 10 Study Units = 30 Credits
Associate Degree: Completion of 20 Study Units = 60 Credits
Bachelor of Christian Counselling: Completion of 40 Study Units + thesis = 120 Credits
Master of Christian Counselling = Completion of 40 Credits
Professional Doctorate of Christian Counselling = Completion of 40-60 Credits = coursework based
Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Counselling = Completion of 70 Credits = researched based

One credit equals 28 hours of study.


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Minimum of one year


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Gauteng and Limpopo, South Africa


Pretoria, Kempton or Thabazimbi

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