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5 New Cross
Western Cape
South Africa

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Course Description

That first impression… During this practical training program, participants will learn the basics of customer service, how to project a polished image, demonstrate proper telephone skills through practical activities, and leave with the tools to present an image of customer service excellence. They are also equipped with basic emotional intelligence skills in order to manage themselves and difficult customers with excellence. Aligned to unit standard 14348

Topics that will be covered:
• Understanding the importance of customer service
• Challenging perceptions and assumptions that inhibit effective customer service
• NBI Brain Profile understanding
o Identify your primary leadership style and brain preference and techniques for maximizing it
o Develop more flexibility to use other leadership styles / brain preferences
o Search for ways to overcome communication barriers
• Impression management and building rapport with the client
• Emotional control
• Empathy
• Gaining skills in:
• Listening
• Communicating (verbally and non-verbally
• Recording information
• Follow-up
• Dealing with difficult clients/customers
• Best practice for telephone management


Our dates for 2014:
16 July
OR Your very own In-house date!


08h30 - 16h00


• NBI Brain Profile;
• Workbook and training material


5 New Cross, Sonstraal


Strong Foundation, or your choice of venue for your team.

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