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Coaching and Mentoring are being seen as essential aspects of an effective organisational learning strategy and a popular capacity-building tool, especially in the area of leadership development.

Coaching tends to be viewed as more task-oriented, skills-focused, directed and time-bound, whereas, Mentoring is more focused on open-ended personal development.

Recently, however, there appears to be increasing convergence, making them less distinct in practice.

This programme has been designed using data from extensive research of available material, examining the overall process, roles and skills involved in coaching and mentoring and aims to provide the learner with a good understanding of the journey.

Cost and Time effective E and M-Learning option available: / download the Mobile App on Google Play.

NQF Level 4



1. 25 and 26 April 2019, Johannesburg
2. 18 and 19 July 2019, Pretoria
3. 23 and 24 October 2019, Johannesburg


Two consecutive days


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