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Target Group: Individuals who are already managers of functions or aspiring to become managers of functions. We meets the needs of the sector and of the society by providing competent function managers who, by being able to apply effective corporate governance and ethics in their day-to-day dealings of the function, contribute to the effective management of the function.

Gain essential knowledge and practical skills required to apply the principles and concepts relating to business ethics, formulate and/or refine the ethical code of conduct of the function within the broader parameters set-out by the entity/organisation and apply the acquired ethical framework and competencies to the performance in the function and thereby fulfill the criteria of good governance.




1. The corporate governance policy of the entity to determine the levels of accountability at functional management level.
2. Accountability in terms of alignment with legislation, regulations and the codes relating to corporate governance and ethics within the sector.
3. The importance of good corporate governance with reference to shareholders, directors, employees, consumers and the impact on the economy.
4. The governance policy of the entity with a view to identify and derive guidelines to operationalize the governance processes within the function.
5. A code of conduct for the function to ensure synergy and consistency.
6. Encourage buy-in and compliance with it.
7. The roles, responsibilities and extent of accountability of managers in a function in relation to governance and ethics.
8. The processes that managers in a function would need to develop and roll out so that possible non-compliance can be dealt with.
9. The consequences of failing to institute governance so that the seriousness of the matter is appreciated.
10. Ethical and moral dilemmas.
11. Criteria for best practice to measure application and compliance to the governance policy of the entity and the function.
12. Measurement of the application of governance policy within a function using the best practice criteria developed.
13. Monitoring the application of fiduciary responsibilities.
14. Statements, codes and policies in an organisation for comparison to principles of governance and the de facto application in an organisation.
15. Anomalies and deviations pertaining to the operationalization of governance in order to develop counter re-occurrence strategies.
16. Areas in a function where there is scope for improvement so that suggestions can be offered to enhance good governance.
17. The strategies and suggestions for improving corporate governance to develop a comprehensive plan to maintain governance.



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