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Have you equipped your employees with the necessary negotiation skills and confidence to successfully conclude contracts, which conform to policy and add real value to your organisation?

In just two days, through the interactive nature of our Creative Negotiation Skills programme and a very high degree of individual attention, delegates are armed with the tools and confidence to tackle any daily negotiation challenge and win.

By the end of our Creative Negotiations Skills programme, through practical simulations and supporting learning material and tools, participants will:
• Understand the importance of negotiations and negotiation skills in the business context;
• Understand the negotiation process;
• Be able to prepare for a negotiation by setting clear objectives;
• Open a negotiation by setting norms and establishing a climate of trust;
• Formulate proposals;
• Use effective listening and probing skills;
• Bargain and use concessions to attain goals;
• Understand body language and use assertive body language to enhance influencing;
• Break deadlocks;
• Close a negotiation at the appropriate time; and
• Take steps to ensure successful implementation of agreements.

This programme is unit standard aligned: NQF Level 4, Credits 5.


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