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Interacting with difficult people is an everyday part of doing business. They may be irate clients, confused suppliers, troublesome colleagues or even a demanding boss, but one thing is certain – ignoring difficult people will not help you.

This dynamic 1 day course will demonstrate and deliver an ‘arsenal’ of proven techniques, practical suggestions, specialist skills and eye opening case studies to help you identify and deal with difficult people and volatile situations to prevent these from affecting your performance and causing you unnecessary stress.

Anyone who may have to deal with difficult people - either face to face or telephonically - will benefit enormously from this course.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Identifying various situations where you are most likely to encounter difficult people
• Identifying the four main types of difficult people and gaining a proven approach for dealing with each type
• Holding your own and maintaining your composure
• Identifying, accepting and dealing with emotions and feelings evoked by difficult people
• Extra skills for talking to difficult people on the phone
• Learning how to successfully handle customer complaints - moving them from ‘irate’ to ‘satisfied’
• Some key problem solving and decision making techniques that you can use to your advantage
• Separating cultural differences from difficult behaviour


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