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R 1150.00

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Our Digital Wildlife Photography Course concentrates primarily on upskilling you to produce consistent, high-quality wildlife photographs.

This is not a complete beginner's course in photography, and assumes that you have the knowledge in place to use a digital camera in a mode other than "point-and-shoot" where the camera does everything for you.

Applicable to the more advanced novice, dedicated enthusiast and semi-professional, this course is a MUST for those wanting to learn how to take that special shot; for those seeking to avoid the disappointment of mundane results by converting their ordinary photographs into extraordinary captures of that unique moment in time.

Specifically commissioned and written for WildlifeCampus by Professional Wildlife Photographers, Andre Nel and Dan Myburg, The course is available for R 1,150.00 and, in our opinion, will be worth every cent for the enormous satisfaction you'll gain by producing really exceptional wildlife photos.


Registration anytime.
Entrance Requirements: None whatsoever. We have an open admission policy with no barriers to entry of any kind; anyone may register and begin any course at any time irrespective of your age, prior qualifications, disability or schooling. With no deadlines, you may take as much time as you need. Even after completing a course, you'll always retain access to the course material, including all updates and upgrades at no additional cost. Due to the fact that all content delivery and assessment is automated, students get to dictate their own course pace completely, thus you may fast-track courses or take your time.


In your own time, 1 - 3 months


WildlifeCampus is an established and reputable distance learning provider and has been offering ecology-related courses for over 10 years. Our courses are without doubt the absolute best of their type for quality and value currently offered by any provider anywhere in the world. Nobody can match us for price, convenience, ease of study, academic support, credibility, accreditation, endorsement, and comprehensiveness of course. We also pride ourselves on our exceptional service.

WildlifeCampus is an Accredited Trainer of FGASA, the Field Guiding Association of South Arica, the only official field guiding body in South Africa.

Our students have found that the knowledge gained by our courses has immeasurably enhanced their enjoyment of the bush and many are in fact now gainfully employed in the ecology industry.


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Online course

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