Driving your Sales up into Africa – with Dave Hendrie

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The decision to expand into Africa is a significant one, but the returns on opening up new markets are high - if this is done correctly. Africa business will not, however, bring overnight payback and there are big risks of doing business outside your comfort zone. While the regulations differ from country to country, there are some inalienable truths about entering these markets that you need to know.

This intensive 1 day training course with experienced African businessman Dave Hendrie, will highlight key African success strategies by describing how, through trial and error, he and his team successfully took Simba-Pepsico to 33 countries in Africa. Take this opportunity to learn from Dave about challenges of building supply chains and entry issues around the growing markets in Africa. If you are considering Africa as a growth option or are already there, then this course is definitely for you.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• What no-one tells you about Africa!
• Where to go in Africa – identifying “early wins”
• The Africa Business Plan – exploring your options to successfully enter a local market with your products
• Sourcing reliable and accurate data that you can trust
• Reducing your risk through smart, affordable tactics
• Establishing if your offering suits the selected market - what to go with and why it may not work
• Sales support on the ground – some experiences on setting up and managing the team from afar
• Operational issues around invoicing, credit control, monetary regulations, FOREX and supply planning


JHB: 28 Jul 2015


1 Day


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