Emergency Response Training for Security Officers

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Course Description

Security Officers are expected to respond to emergency situations and to minimize the impact caused where the security guard is working. They may be required to perform a variety of duties during emergency procedures and should understand the importance of scene management. It is important for Security Officers to know how to identify potential emergencies and what procedures to follow.

Emergencies may involve fire, bombs, weapons, suspicious packages or explosive devices. The extent of personal injury or property damage that arises from an emergency situation can vary.

This course consists of two modules with each module consisting of a number of units listed below.

Introduction to Emergency Situations
Man-made Disasters
Natural/Act of God Disasters
3 Levels of Emergency
Contingency Planning
Framework for a Contingency Plan
Parties Involved in the Contingency Plan
Outline Contingency Plan
Operational Management of the Contingency Plan
Major Incident
The Emergency Controller
The Control Point

Emergency Evacuations
Broad Causes of Evacuation
Fire Evacuations
Responsibilities of Fire Warden
Duty of Fire Brigade Escort
Effective Fire Drills
Fire Evacation Route
Bomb Threat Evacuation
Fire Wardens & Bomb Threats
Telephone Bomb Threat
Taking a Bomb Threat Call
Bomb Threat Checklist
Management Options

Exercising the Options
Letter & Parcel Bombs
Indicators of Suspect Item
Actions to Take on Discovering Suspect Package
Incendiary Devices


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