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Event Stewarding Training is a short knowledge-based qualification which gives you an introduction to working in the spectator safety industry. You'll gain the knowledge on how to prepare for spectator events, respond to injuries and emergencies, control the entry, exit and movement of spectators, monitor crowds and much more.

Event Stewarding Training

If your organisation is running an event or concert, it is imperative that your staff are fully trained in all aspects of safety, crowd control and event management.

Our training course specialises in the following areas:

Introduction to stewarding at spectator events
Understanding the roles and responsibilities of stewards and other staff at spectator events
Steward preparation at spectator events
Checking for and responding to hazards at spectator event venues
Controlling the entry, exit and movement of spectators at events
Recognising and responding to illegal and prohibited items at spectator events
Dealing with challenging customer behaviour at spectator events
Recognising and responding to potential crowd problems at spectator events
Recognising and responding to illegal and unsociable behaviour at spectator events
Responding to injuries and illnesses

This Event Stewarding Training is divided into six units covering:

The role of the Steward
Maintenance of a safe environment
Searching principles & practice
Identify and deal with hazards
Fire and emergencies
Communications and customer care


All year round


12 hours online training






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