Excel Basic-Intermediate (2016/2013/2010)

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Let us introduce you to the potential of an excel spreadsheet and give you a good understanding of what Excel can do for you. We’ll show you quick and easy ways to navigate through workbooks. If you love shortcuts keys we have a list for you to try out and use back at the office.
Discover that inserting, deleting and resizing rows or columns are a breeze. If you would like to ease the monotony of duplicating information, try out the fill handle, it’s a brilliant tool! Get an understanding of formulas and functions, and then learn to write your own. Analyse your data with ease, then display the information in a reader friendly chart format.
Spice up your workbooks by using borders, text colour, different fonts and auto formats to get that professional look.


6 - 7 February 2019
20 - 21 February 2019
6 - 7 March 2019
12 - 13 March 2019


2 days



160 Corlett Drive, Bramley


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