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Welcome to the WildlifeCampus Certificate Qualification in Game Ranging / Field Guiding

This is the most comprehensive course of its kind offered anywhere in the world. This course is the best possible preparation you can undertake to begin a career as a Field Guide.

The Qualification

The qualification achieved by completing this course is an Accredited Certificate in Game Ranging / Field Guiding, co-conferred by FGASA. Successful graduates will have their certificates posted to them, there is no graduation ceremony.

Certificate will only be issued to students who have paid their course fees in full, irrespective of whether they have completed the academic requirements.

In addition to being a FGASA Accredited Training Provider, we've been providing courses since the year 2000. Our courses are well recognized and accepted throughout the industry and we have hundreds of past graduates working at lodges and reserves all through Sub-Saharan Africa. Our courses will certainly be of great benefit and enhancement to your C.V.

Forms of Assessment

You are required to complete and send in five assignments, one assignment per Guide Book.

These assignments constitute the full assessment and testing requirements for the course. There are no final exams to complete.

In order gain the qualification, all assignments must be successfully completed with a passmark of 65% required. Should you not achieve the 65% requirement, you will be requested to re-submit the assignment. Successfully completed assignments will be returned with a marking memorandum.

FGASA / Accreditation

WildlifeCampus is a fully Endorsed and Accredited Trainer Provider through FGASA; we have enjoyed this status since 2001. This means that FGASA reviews our courses annually and are satisfied that graduates of our Field Guiding courses will have no problem in passing their theoretical assessments for FGASA Level 1, 2 and 3. However FGASA still require that applicants wanting to gain a FGASA qualification, join their association, write the theoretical examinations and be practically assessed.

FGASA is an accredited Training assessor with THETA (Tourism, Hospitality, Education and Sport Training Authority); however FGASA itself does not carry out training. This means that you can gain the required legal National qualification issued by THETA through FGASA.

The FGASA Level # 1 qualification has no barriers to entry. However in order to become eligible for their Level # 1 exams, you must hold Level # 1 and have one years' logged-guiding experience. You then have to have 2 additional years guiding experience in order to qualify for their Level # 3 exams.

The Certificate earned by completing the WildlifeCampus Field Guiding / Game Ranging Course does bear the FGASA logo, but does not provide the graduate with instant FGASA accreditation.



Duration of The Course

The course can easily be completed in twelve - eighteen months. The course consists of five Guide Books each with their own assignment.

Students who however have the opportunity to devote greater time and energy to the course are welcome to complete the course in as short a time as possible. Dedicated and motivated students will be able to complete the course within three to six months. Note that all fees must be paid

The course must be completed within three years of commencing it. Should you find that you are unable to complete the course with the prescribed three years, your course duration may be extended at the discretion of WildlifeCampus, additional charges may apply.

Entrance Requirements

None whatsoever, we have an open admission policy with no barriers to entry of any kind; anyone may register and begin any course at anytime irrespective of your age, prior qualifications or schooling.

The course has been designed so that no prior learning is required or assumed. A good command of English will be a definite advantage, although we do have thousands of students who are not English-first-language speakers.

Students under the age of 18 do require the consent of their parents or legal guardian.


WildlifeCampus is an established and reputable distance learning provider and has been offering ecology-related courses for over 10 years. Our courses are without doubt the absolute best of their type for quality and value currently offered by any provider anywhere in the world. Nobody can match us for price, convenience, ease of study, academic support, credibility, accreditation, endorsement, and comprehensiveness of course. We also pride ourselves on our exceptional service.

WildlifeCampus is an Accredited Trainer of FGASA, the Field Guiding Association of South Africa, the only official field guiding body in South Africa.

Our students have found that the knowledge gained by our courses has immeasurably enhanced their enjoyment of the bush and many are in fact now gainfully employed in the ecology industry.


Traditional paper-based course


The course may be paid off from as little as R 250/month.

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