Finance for Non-Financial Managers

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Finance is the language of business. You need to understand it or be labeled as one of the disadvantaged in the business fraternity. There is a quick and easy way to equip yourself in the underlying principles of finance and get yourself acquainted with all the financial jargon and figures presented to you, whether it’s at a board meeting, via general discussions or financial statements circulated.


Cape Town / Johannesburg / Durban

24 February 2015
11 May 2015
17 August 2015
09 November 2015

East London
24 February 2015


8 hours (1 day)


The workshop will guide you through the basic principles of:
• Understanding financial statements
• Interpreting the balance sheet and income statements
• Understanding cash flow
• Understanding financial jargon such as working capital capex,
capital employed, reserves, break-even cost accounting and
all the key financial ratios.

Once you have completed the workshop, you will understand:

• How to read and understand financial statements
• Basic double-entry accounting
• What affects the bottom line
• Budgeting and financial forecasts
• Basic financial ratios
• Profitability vs. cash flow
• Elements of the balance sheet, funding and gearing
• Statutory aspects of business and the various entity types
• Auditors vs. Accounting Officers
• Financial strategy and how you can positively influence



Cape Town
Port Elizabeth
East London


Cape Town - Southern Sun Hotel, Newlands

Johannesburg - Hackle Brooke, Randburg

Durban - Elarish, The Bluff

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