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As a non-financial director or senior manager, you no longer need to focus on operational aspects of finance. You require higher level skills to analyse and accurately interpret fiscal information to drive shareholder value. Accurately analysing and interpreting trends, comparisons and ratios will allow you to quickly identify problems and leverage opportunities.

This 2 day course, delivered by an ex multinational CFO and CA (SA) is case study driven to ensure that every concept – from driving shareholder value to calculating project risk – is completely understood and entrenched.

Take this opportunity to fine-tune your existing financial capabilities and ground your executive decision making processes in sound financial evaluation and insight.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Reviewing balance sheet complexities, drawing conclusions from income and cash flow statements and relating these to current and future performance
• Using trend analysis to project future financial health
• Managing Capex options wisely by making sound financial investment choices
• Developing and aligning individual and consolidated budgets to the business’ strategic intent and forecasts
• Looking at the Balanced Scorecard as a tool for controlling and understanding business performance
• Assessing the benefits that Value Based Management (VBM) and Shareholder Added Value can deliver to your organisation


JHB: 19-20 Mar 2015
JHB: 16-17 Jul 2015


2 Days


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