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This online First Aid course is essential for everyone in every workplace and every home; you never know when you may need to use first aid skills and have the confidence to act in a potentially life-threatening situation.

Using high quality videos alongside written guidance, this online course will provide you with all the information needed to be able to recognise emergency situations, treat conditions and reactions and ensure that you can take appropriate action at the time of an incident.

Remember, however, that you should always seek medical advice before taking action in case of emergency.

This online First Aid course is suitable for people and businesses who wish to learn new first aid skills or refresh their existing first aid skills. No previous qualifications are needed to take this course as all the basic first aid techniques are covered throughout the training.

The course is divided into eight accessible, interactive modules and includes a short assessment at the end of each module:

1. Introduction to First Aid

2. Dealing with an Unconscious Casualty

3. CPR

4. First Aid for Blood Loss & Shock

5. Roles & Responsibilities of a First Aider

6. Medical Conditions

7. Traumatic Injuries

8. Minor Injuries


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