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Course Description

Learners who have achieved the outcomes will be able to render first aid assistance in the workplace; apply primary emergency life support and carry out basic first aid treatment.

Accreditation held with DoL: Certificate No: CI 259

Programme Outcomes
At the end of this learning intervention learners will be able to:
Administer basic life saving first aid to a patient
To alert an advanced medical unit
To manage the patient till such time that an advanced medical unit arrives

Programme Content
Specific work procedures;
Airway, breathing & circulation; Making an emergency call;
Making an emergency Call
CPR (Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation)
Shock, bleeding & burns circulation;
Wounds, fractures, unconsciousness, fainting, head and spinal injuries.

Target Audience
Target Audience: This learning programme is for persons who are responsible to apply basic first aid in a workplace
Programme level: The level of the programme is at NQF Level 1
Minimum Qualifying Criteria: GETC NQF Level 1 Literacy and numeracy

Duration & Number of Learners
Two(2) Days
Minimum delegates: 6 per session & Maximum delegates : 12 per session (for in-house training)

Accreditation held with DoL: Certificate No: CI 259

Training Methodology
The approach followed in the learning programmes is an integrated approach where the cognitive, reflexive and psychomotor competence of the learners will be developed and assessed, in accordance with the requirements of the applicable unit standard. The programme methodology therefore includes a theoretical and practical component.
Once a declaration of competence is made by the assessor, each successful learner may receive, a certificate of competence (for accredited training), and certificate of training for non-accredited training.
For accredited training the candidates may be awarded the relevant credits towards the applicable National Qualification on the successful completion of the assessment requirements as well as ETQA process.


16 to 17 February 2015


2 days




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