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First Aid Level 3 is a comprehensive first aid programme offering the learner an opportunity to work in areas where basic medical support ion not readily available or situations which demand comprehensive knowledge of first aid. First Aid Level 3 covers all aspects covered in First Aid Level 1, 2 and 3. Learners who have successfully completed this programme will be able to apply their knowledge in CPR, splinting, bandaging, managing bleeding, strokes, heart attacks, treating of a drowning patient as well as assisting in childbirth. This programme will boost confidence dramatically in those required to work in an emergency situation.

ENJO Consultants are accredited by the Department of Labour and use training material approved by the Department of Labour.


Dates to be decided once the client's needs have been established.


Five (5) days





Programmes can be presented at either ENJO Consultant's training venue or at the client site depending on suitability and numbers.

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