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A learning organization is one that is skilled at creating, acquiring, interpreting, transferring, and retaining knowledge, and at purposefully modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights.

Therefore all your organizations, individuals or teams special training needs sometimes is not always met within an “Aligned” course. We can help you to succeed and flourish, by our no unique adaptable approach.

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Human Resources


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Training Companies

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Our aim is to ensure your accreditation status is maintained through continued adherence to quality, and to accelerate the redress of past unfair discrimination in education, training and employment opportunities.

In addition our aim is to establish a leading center for all matters relating to Development of Full Qualifications and to set, promote and maintain standards in training interventions.

Full qualifications learning material package includes the following:-

• Learner
o Orientation Guide
o Learner Guide
o Resource Guide
o Portfolio Guide
• Facilitator
o Facilitator Guide
o Facilitation Aids
o Course Administration
• Assessor
o Assessment Guide
o Assessment Toolkit
o FSA Questionnaire (Final Summative Assessment)
o FSA Model Answer Guide (Final Summative Assessment)
o FSA Recording Tool (Final Summative Assessment )
o Final Qualification Judgement Sheet
• Workplace Coach / Mentor / Moderator
o Workplace Guide
o Alignment Matrix
o Moderator Guide
• Administrator
o Curriculum document (Programme alignment matrix)
o Registration Documents
o Evaluation Forms
o Programme Pack Control Sheet




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