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Course Description

General English
Sample Course Content

•Review of terminology
•Review of the tense system
•Time and aspect
•Present perfect (I have lost my keys)
•Future simple (I will go to the cinema)
•1st and 2nd conditionals (If I ………., I will / would ……..)
•Modal verbs for permission and ability. (I can swim)
•Basic sentence structure (subject verb object)
•Subject verb agreement ( she runs, they run)
•Prepositions (in, on, at, under etc)
•Articles (a, an , the)
•Pronouns (he, she, they etc)
•Present perfect continuous (I have been waiting for ……….)
•Past perfect (I had waited)
•Past perfect continuous (I had been waiting)
•Passive voice (The report has been submitted)
•3rd conditional (If I had known, I would have……..)
•Modal verbs of deduction (It must have been ………)
•Reported speech (Thabo said that ……….)
•Common collocations (TV repairman)
•Subjunctive (If he should be late……) [level 3 only]
•Use of idioms (He’s barking up the wrong tree)
•Phrasal verbs (break up with, leak out)
•Future in the past (When I was a child, I knew I would…) [level 3 only]
•Future perfect (By the year 2050, humans will have colonised Mars) [level 3 only]


•Paragraph formation
•Drafting and redrafting
•Writing formal / informal letters, e-mails, reports, letters to parents, etc.


•Asking and answering questions
•Voice modulation
•Probing for detail
•Diplomatic language
•Correct pronunciation of commonly mispronounced words (determine, economics)
•Speaking on the telephone


Sound awareness
- Individual sounds (e.g. a / t / l)
- Dipthongs (e.g. sh / ch / dj)
- Minimal pairs (e.g. hair / hear)

- Word stress (e.g. teleVIsion)
- Sentence stress (e.g. HOW can I HELP you?)
- Contrastive stress (e.g. No, it’s not the 25th, it’s the 26th)

Connected speech
- Weak forms: (e.g Do you want to? / Dja wanna?)
- Segmentation: (Where to pause in a sentence)
- Linking and intrusive sounds (e.g.The West End / the wes tend)

- Sounding interested
- Giving apologies and sounding sincere
- Calming and reassuring clients
- Commonly mispronounced words in the South African context

Extra skills

•Using a dictionary
•Discourse analysis
•Dealing with communication breakdowns

The above course outline is a sample outline. Candidates will have written and oral assessments and needs analysis done by our senior trainers to determine their level of English which we can assume will be from Intermediate level and above. The assessments and needs analysis will assist the trainers to develop a syllabus which fulfils the needs of the candidates and management.

This includes:
- training,
- training materials
- Dictionary
- Bag
- all stationery
- flash disk / CD with post course activities
- certificates


Contact us to discuss your training needs.


To be determined once assessments and needs analysis is complete and a proposal with recommendations is submitted to management.


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