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Introduction: Southern Africa is unparalleled in terms of geology. From valuable minerals with a 4 billion year geological history to the evolution of plants and animals, particularly mammals and dinosaurs, all are well preserved in our rocks. We also have some of the best palaeontology records of the origin of man. The story of earth and life explores it all.

Earth: This is a three Component Module exploring, as the title suggests, How the Earth Works. Investigate it’s internal mechanics, Plate Tectonics and what happens when continents collide.

Extraterrestrial Geology: We move our geology off planet in this fascinating look back to the Dawn of time.

Continents: This four Component Module takes a close and in-depth look at the continents of our planet, from the First Continent, why the northern parts of South is the Richest piece of real estate on Earth, what occurred when the planet experienced it’s largest explosion and what became of the Supercontinents and will we see them again.

Life: Two Components examine life on planet, how the conditions conducive for life came about, the energy powering life, some evolution and the nature of life.

Gondwana: Formerly known as Gondwanaland, we investigate everything about it in one exceedingly comprehensive Component.

Fossils and Dinosaurs: Three Components cover this topic with an in-depth look at Palaeontology and Palaeobotany, Reptiles and Mass Extinctions and the domination and demise of Dinosaurs.

The Modern World Takes Shape: A fairly diverse range of topics combine to fill the two Components of this Module, from the Oceans, Oil, Diamonds and Collapse of the Global Ecosystem To Changes in Climate, Grasslands, Rivers and Deserts.

Hominidae: Two Components combine to conclude the inevitable story of Earth and Life, the evolution of our species, modern human. We look at the Arrival of humans, their progressive dominance and eventual radiation to every corner of the planet.

The 6th Extinction?: Our final Module draws on the wealth of information previous imparted to mull over in the context of the present, among many of other subjects; Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Extinction Level Events, to finally consider Lessons from the Past for the Present and Future. Fundementally we ask whether our species will or deserves to survive the current 6th Extinction.


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