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Course Description

A workshop designed to teach delegates to apply the unique tool of image and behaviour to enhance their own as well as the company’s image:

What is your personal image?
* Definition of Personal Image.
* Your Impact Rating.
* The Impact of First Impressions.
* Personal Image = Personal Brand

How is your Image important?
* Influence of Self Image.
* Discover your Perceived Image.
* Determine your Required Image.
* Influence of your Received Image.
* Influence of your Extended Image.
* Managing Perceptions.

What is Professional Dress:
* Understand Company Branding
* Personal Brand aligned with Company Brand
Business Professional vs. Business Smart
Appropriate Business Accessories.
* The Impact of Grooming: Personal care for men and women.
* Grooming of clothing and accessories.

Your Style Expression:
* Discover your Personal Image Preference.
* Understand your Personal Style Expression.
* Apply your Style Expression in your Career

The Impact of your Style:
* Quality and Fit of Outfits.
* Basic Lengths of Garments.
* Required Dress Levels: Understanding the 5 Levels of Dress.
* Determine the Appropriate level of Dress for your Career.

Body language for an excellent first impression:
* Actions vs. Spoken Word.
* Difference between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication.
* The Impact of Non-Verbal Communication.

Confident Body Language:
* Professional Posture.
* Professional Hand shakes.
* Confident Facial Expressions - Eye Contact
Keep a Confident Distance.
* Orientation - Positioning in a Meeting.

What is Business Etiquette:
* Define the Concept.

The Influence of Business Etiquette:
* Impact on Work Environment.
* Basic Rules for Good Etiquette.

Company Etiquette:
* Respect Hierarchies in a Company.
* Loyalty towards a Company.
* Handling Complaints.
* Confidentiality

Office Etiquette:
* Good Telephone Manners.
* Cell Phone Etiquette.
* Etiquette for Written Communication.
* Etiquette towards Colleagues.
* Good Office Manners.

Etiquette for Social Business Events:
* Business Meals.
* Basic Table Manners.
* Tips for Cocktail Parties.
* Office Parties.
* Funerals and Weddings.


20 Mar, 17 May, 15 Aug, 7 Nov 2012


1 Day Workshop


* Price per person Exlucing VAT
* Contact Norine Victor at our Training Division for more information on the workshop content & bookings.

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Cape Town


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