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High Definition, 3 Dimensional Approach to Leadership in South Africa Today.
Leaders today have to employ a High Definition approach to leadership that encompasses the ability to focus with persistence and perseverance on achieving the goals of the organisation. They have to have high definition clarity of vision with a high-rise view of the playing field and the ability to influence their diverse team long distance, judge the moves the competition make, interpret the rules of the referees and adapt their game plan to ever-changing and increasingly challenging playing conditions.

In addition leaders today have to employ a 3D approach to leadership. They must be able to view their organisation from top to bottom, understand and communicate with all its shareholders, retain and gain customers and keep an eye both on the bottom-line and the strategic horizon.

Who should attend?

>Managing Directors
>Executive Directors

This high-level interactive intervention is focused on challenging your business perceptions, brainstorming new trends with other high-level executives and playing Nostradamus with ideas of what the future holds for business in Southern Africa. It will focus on new leadership approaches, discuss what makes the Y and Z generation tick (our new employees, our new customers!) How do we employee them, how do we motivate them, how do we market and sell our products to them.

The focus will be on a workshop session approach, limited to a small group of high-level individuals.


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Two days


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