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The course's modules:

Introduction to Hunting: This first Module of one Component provides a comprehensive introduction. Included in this segment are a Foreword by WildlifeCampus, an Introduction, brief overview of the Arguments, a look at the Hunting Agendas, Public Opinion, who the Proponents are, Fundamental Questions asked, the Methodology used in it’s writing, the Structure of the course and thoughts on the Importance of the Study.

Pro-Hunting Organisations: This Module of three Components examines the main pro-hunting proponent, namely the Safari Club International. We examine their credo of Ethics and the Principle of Fair Chase, delve into Trophy Hunting and their local associations.

The Silent Pro-Hunting Role Players: Two Components are needed for this Modules exploration of Non Governmental Organisationss, World Bodies, Treaties and Governments. Organisations as well as Industry Stakeholders and the Hunting Economy. Each organisations role, viewpoint and stake are examined.

Anti-Hunting Role Players: In contrast to the previous Module, this one delves into the Hunting industry’s most important, vocal and active critics. We look at International Anti Hunting NGOs and the concept of Moral Philosophy in the context of the debate.

Mapping the Stalemate: The two Components in this Module form a mini-conclusion of the course thus far, but summing up the Contours of the Stalemate and the Clashing World Views.

Historical Emergence of Trophy Hunting in Africa: This comprehensive Module includes five Components namely, The Emergence of Hunting and the Primitivist Defence, The Historical Emergence of Trophy Hunting in Africa, What Hunting “is not”, What Hunting “is” and finally the difference between Trophy Hunting and “True Hunting”.

The Politics and Culture of Hunting: Five Components are needed to fully explore the title of this Module, specifically, The Political Nature Of The Hunting Debate, Hunting And Culture, The Hunting Experience as a Historical Symbolic Construction, Hemingway and Ortega Meet Naess (writers and philosophers) and Hunter-Gatherer Symbolism.

Integrity and the Hunting Experience: Integrity as a philosophical construct is the main theme of this final Module. Specifically the Integrity and the Trophy Hunting Experience, Integrity and Anti-Hunting Positions and Integrity and Trophy Hunting of The Big Five in Botswana and South Africa are closely view before a final Conclusitory Component.


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