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How come we often feel we are communicating effectively with our colleagues but they still manage to misunderstand us? The reason is that we all communicate differently, depending on our personal preferences – AND our personal thinking styles.

This intensive 1 day course – which includes a Dr Kobus Neethling’s NBI profile for each delegate – will allow you to understand your own thinking and communication preferences and help to identify and adapt this to the thinking and communication styles of others.

Understanding how we communicate is the first step to actively managing our daily business communication – which will result in increased efficiency, reduced conflict and a better performance within our teams.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Assessing the vital role communication plays in organisation success
• Understanding the neuroscience behind communication and its practical significance
• Your dominant thinking and communication style – and the impact of this on those you interact with
• Using this knowledge to pick up and appropriately respond to communication cues from others
• Learning how to take appropriate “communication risks” that will help you to build longer term trust
• Understanding how communication styles influence the confidence in a business relationship
• Discovering the communication behaviours you have to avoid AT ALL COSTS!


JHB: 10 Jun 2015


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