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Course Description

• Career Development
• Develop a learning plan and a portfolio for assessment
• Develop a learning strategies and techniques
• Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes
• Human Resources
• Contribute to the implementation and maintenance of business processes
• Understand and deal with HIV/AIDS
• Communicate in an assertive manner with clients and fellow workers
• Manage work time effectively
• Supervise work unit to achieve work unit objectives (individuals and teams)
• Use communication skills to handle and resolve conflict in the workplace
• Show an understanding of diversity in the workplace
• Access and use information from text
• Write for a defined context
• Communicate at work
• Compile feasibility and commissioning reports
• Maintain and Adapt Oral Communication
• Write text for a range of communicative contexts
• Compile feasibility and commissioning reports
• Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication
• Interpret and use information from texts
• Communicate with clients
• Write text for a range of communicative contexts
• Interpret a variety of literary texts
• Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken text
• Write a wide range of contexts
• Analyze and respond to a variety of literary texts
• Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate
• Write a technical Report
• Sales and Marketing
• Supervisors and Managers
• Train the Trainer Training Library
• Workplace Essentials


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