Introduction to Finance for Non-Financial Managers

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Many managers are promoted through skills in their own field - which may not include much financial exposure. Having the responsibility of submitting and working to tighter budgets, reducing costs and coming up with ideas for improving profits may have many non-financial managers feeling out of their comfort zone.

This 1 day seminar is not designed to turn non-financial managers into financial experts – but rather to introduce them to finance and accounts. Key topics include the role of the finance function, understanding and interpreting the financial statements and preparing and managing budgets.
Attend this course if you need some basic skills in order to read and understand financial reports, create better budgets, and monitor your financial performance.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Knowing who is responsible for finance in your organisation and the important role they play
• Introducing financial and accounting terminology
• Understanding key elements of finance and accounts • Learning how to analyse the income statement
• Discovering how to work with the balance sheet
• Gaining insight into the costing process and how costing actually works
• Knowing how to investigate cash flows and working capital
• Analysing and using financial information beneficially
• Preparing budgets painlessly
• Managing and staying within a budget


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1 Day


Introduction to Finance for Non-Financial Managers Price: R3, 250 Excluding VAT



This course runs in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban

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