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Judy Bees Writing Course

The creation of a worthwhile piece of writing – whether it is for business or pleasure – begins with knowing what satisfies the reader. A mere accumulation of facts is never stimulating – indeed it is often mentally tiring.

Marrying both sides of the brain via creative writing, with a professional delivering in-depth feedback on your assignments, will mean that whatever you need to generate in the written word will sparkle.

Judy will guide you through the perils and pitfalls made by those who don’t know the secrets of delivering a successful narrative. The course consists of short story writing as well as feature articles; and whether you want to follow those routes for publication or apply the knowledge to your business writing is up to you. Very often the two can overlap to ensure you have the edge in whatever you produce in your world.

Judy is also a freelance writer and scriptwriter should you need someone to do it for you.




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