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Leadership development and management training - learn the key requirements to be a successful leader. Siyandza Skills Development, a market expert in leadership training, management training and leadership courses, understands the value of developing and nurturing leadership skills. The comprehensive General Leadership Development Course aims to engage participants in extensive skill practice, converting often abstract and complex leadership ideas into meaningful, simple and concrete processes for genuine application in the workplace.

What Can Leadership Training Offer You?

Increase your confidence and influence as a leader. Understand the importance of perception in managing relationships. Improve your ability to make relationships work up, and down the line. Grow your awareness of your own leadership style and approach. Best-practice tools, techniques and approaches when working with others. Effective communication skills, as an influencer and appreciator of others. Practice real skills and get honest practical feedback on where and how to improve. Concrete action plans for implementation of lasting change. Feedback on the implementation of your newly acquired skills. Access to a broader network of like minded people.

Who Should Attend the Siyandza Change Management Training?
Middle management employees Team leaders
Leadership Training Components

Conduct Effective Meetings (NQF 4/5 credits) This programme deals with the process of planning for, conducting and following up on meetings.

Team Leadership (NQF 3/5 credits) The team leadership course provides a perfect foundation for practical leadership techniques and styles used to manage and leader teams. This leadership training course covers organisational structure and functioning; assessing team member’s skills and competencies, setting up and communicating KPA's and evaluating performance.

Motivation (NQF 4/10 credits) All managers and leaders must possess the ability to motivate their teams. This leadership training course covers practical methods and tools used to motivate individuals and teams.

Leadership Roles and Responsibilities (NQF 4/12 credits) A leader must understand their role within the organization as well as the responsibilities they have to the team and the organization. This leadership training course deals with the role of a leader and practical managerial skills such as planning, organizing and controlling.

Situational Leadership (NQF 4/5 credits) A manager must possess the ability to alter their style and method of managing and leading based on the situation and individuals involved. This leadership training course deals with practical examples of situational leadership and the techniques used to manage and lead effectively.




Siyandza Skills Development offers both customised training programs and training services to organisations, as well as public training courses for individual learners. Click on our Public Courses Schedule to view courses available to the public. All of our training is outcomes based and, where possible, is aligned to Unit Standards.

Siyandza Skills Development is a SETA accredited, full service call centre and middle management training provider, committed to delivering outcomes-based training solutions which are tailored to our clients' specific requirements. Siyandza offers both customised training programs and training services to organisations, as well as public training courses for individual learners.

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