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Course Description

Leading is designed to enhance the effectiveness of a leader. Leaders will recognise how assumptions about people can affect leadership ability. This is an opportunity to explore the sources and appropriate use of leadership power, and to examine modern leadership theories.
Leaders will also have the opportunity to apply theoretical analysis to realistic case studies, as well as to their own leadership situation.
Workshop content:
• Defining leadership and leading
• The difference between management and leadership
• When to lead and when to manage
• Leadership theories
• Influence and formal authority
• Identifying the uses of leadership power
• Leadership style survey
• Styles of leadership
• Matching leadership style to situation
• Leadership case studies
• Analysing a job specific job situation
• Leadership situation guidelines
• Implementing leadership in a business unit
A key area of focus is on learning how to analyse a work situation in order to select the most appropriate and effective leadership style to use in that situation.
Application Aids and Resources:
• Leadership situation analysis worksheet
• Leadership planning and implementation worksheet
• Leadership effectiveness evaluation worksheet


Learners will be able to:
• Explain the concept of leadership
• Differentiate between leadership and management
• Use popular leadership theories when developing leadership effectiveness
• Recognise and use position and personal power more effectively
• Apply various leadership styles and techniques to individuals and teams in their leadership situations
• Select the most effective leadership style to meet the needs of individual situations
• Recognise and build on leadership strengths and opportunities for improvement
• Use appropriate follow-up activities to evaluate and verify leadership effectiveness


As required by clients for groups of 6 - 15 learners per group


1 day


Unit Standard Alignment:
SAQA US ID # 242824
Apply leadership concepts in a work context
Credits: 12
Certification: Certification with credit when learners meet assessment requirements
Learners receive:
A workbook with required readings and activities; leadership style survey and situational leadership matrix for application.


Nationally as required by client


At client's own training venue for groups of 6 - 15 learners per group

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