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This programme aims to provide learners with wide ranging intellectual competencies and practical skills in the acquisition, interpretation and understanding of the logistics management principles. Upon completion, the learner would be able to take decisions in the context of a logistics organization, to analyze relevant information, and produce innovative responses to concrete but often unfamiliar problems in the world of logistics.

PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES The programme is designed to provide the learner with insight into the micro- and macro-economic environment in which logistics companies function. Furthermore, it will also provide the learner knowledge about general management principles, and specific logistic management principles. Practical decision making skills will be facilitated by means of case study material which requires a critical situation analysis, the selection and interpretation of relevant information and the implementation of decisions.

This programme affords learners the opportunity to undertake investigations into the logistics field, which will include the gathering and interpretation of relevant information and the effective communication with industry role players using appropriate industry terminology.
Learners will participate in teamwork activities, in unpredictable contexts, with various role players, including professional and administrative of the logistics profession, as well as people on grass roots level. Upon completion the learner will be able to demonstrate a sensitivity to different communities and a sensitivity for the social and cultural differences and needs, particularly with respects to the distribution of goods within the communities.

PROGRAMME OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Logistics Management a student should be able to: • Grasp the functions that a logistician is normally called upon to fulfill in discharging his/her duties; • Understand procedures and techniques that are available to a logistician to establish effective and efficient solutions to problems; • Grasp the importance of logistics as part of managerial function in various business undertakings.

CONTENT The programme consists of two fundamental modules, four core modules and three elective modules (of which on must be chosen).

The modules are:
Fundamentals: Business Communication – 10 credits Computer Literacy – 10 credits
Core: Business Management – 20 credits Logistic Management – 20 credits Transport Economics – 20 credits Financial Management – 20 credits
Electives: A student should choose one of the following modules: Supply Chain Management – 20 credits Purchasing Management – 20 credits Marketing Management – 20 credits
Total credits: 120

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Grade 12 with English as a subject. The recommended subjects are: Mathematics, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Information Technology or Computer Application Technology.

PROGRAMME REQUIREMENTS As the Open Learning Group do not offer other higher education programmes at present and it is therefore not possible for students to articulate to other programmes within the Group. However, once students have graduated they will be able to move to the following programmes offered by other institutions: National Diploma in Logistics Management, BCom Logistics Management or Diploma in Managerial Development.

The possible articulation of a student to programmes offered by other institutions are dependent on the permission of such institutions.


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River View House Constantia Office Park
cnr 14th Ave and Hendrik Potgieter Rd

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