Maintenance Planning & Scheduling for Improved Reliability & Uptime

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You are accountable not only for the productive use of human resources but additionally directly responsible for sustainable cost-effectiveness.

And as in our ever changing world and your own dynamic work environment demands your continuous focus on asset health; ensuring equipment under your care contributes visibly to your company’s revenue base. The question is are you up to this challenge?

Do you have the skills and training to not only understand best practices in the context of asset management, but of even greater importance to successfully implement those same best practices? Maintenance Planning and Scheduling – also known today as Routine Work Management plays a critical role within the overall physical asset management processes. But, you often hear how effective planning and scheduling is an immense challenge for maintenance professionals. Truth is that if broken down into separate “boxes”, and recognising the co-dependency of each box onto the other – the art of bringing effective maintenance planning and scheduling for increased reliability to life is a much simpler task.

Yes – it is hard work, but if approached in a methodical fashion and armed with the correct amount of management and stakeholder support – success can be achieved and benefits realised. The obvious is to improve the long-term viability of your facility due to the reduced cost associated with maintenance and equipment downtime.

By understanding the fundamental processes behind this operational level strategy you’ll not only be able to identify what’s missing in your own organisation and quantify those deficiencies. And as a result of your participation in this training course you’ll also be able to identify essential objectives and responsibilities you’ll need to adopt in order to initiate an effective and measurable Maintenance Planning and Scheduling process.

So during the 3 days with Allan Tarita you will learn how current best planning and scheduling practices can be applied and how to initiate an effective and measurable maintenance planning and scheduling process. The methodology used is based on action-learning, so this course is highly practical and interactive in nature. Throughout the course you will learn how to actually apply the tools presented in each module using real-world case study material.

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling for Improved Reliability & Uptime offers 3 CPD Points - SAICE Validation # SAICEot 15/01714/18


12, 13 & 14 March 2018


3 - day





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