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Course Description

SAQA US 14667
NQF Level 4
10 Credits
Duration: 2 Days
Course Objectives:
Ψ To describe the management activities involved in running a successful business.
Ψ To explain the basic activities involved in the management process.
Ψ To identify and explaining the main tasks required of managers.
Ψ To analyse the application of the general management functions in a selected organisation.
Ψ To apply the decision making process to make a management decision.

Who should attend?
Ψ Managers of small businesses
Ψ Junior managers of business units in larger organisations
Ψ Team leaders, supervisors, first line managers and section heads
Ψ 1st Level of management in an organisation who has employees reporting to him/her

Course Contents:
* Management Activities
Ψ What are the business functions of an organisation?
Ψ How to identify resources used in business
Ψ How to use resources responsibly

* The Management Process
Ψ What are the basic activities?
Ψ How to apply the planning, organising, leading, and controlling functions
Ψ What is the difference between responsibility and accountability?

* Management Tasks
Ψ How to effectively communicate, make decisions, co-ordinate, evaluate, motivate, delegate, discipline and gain the trust of your employees

* The Decision Making Process
Ψ What are the steps to follow in making a decision?

* General Management Functions
Ψ What are the management functions and expectations within your organisation?
Ψ Where does the team leader fit into the organogram?


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2 Days


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